2024 Chicago School Board Races

Updated Daily

Click on a row to see detailed information. (i) indicates an incumbent candidate.

District Total Candidates Candidates Total Funds in Race
1 3 Jennifer Custer; Charles "Chuck" Hernandez; Michelle Pierre $11,500.00
2 5 Margaret "Maggie" Cullerton Hooper; Ebony DeBerry; Kate Doyle; Bruce Leon; Daniel Steven Kleinman $61,406.49
3 3 Carlos A. Rivas; Jason Dones; Kirk Ortiz $4,600.00
4 6 Kimberly Brown; Andrew Davis; Thomas Day; Carmen Gioiosa; Ellen Rosenfeld; Karen Zaccor $34,100.00
5 5 Michilla "Kyla" Blaise ; Aaron "Jitu" Brown; Anthony Hargrove; Kernetha Jones; Jousef M. Shkoukani $6,000.00
6 4 Jessica Biggs; Brenda I. Delgado; Andre Smith; Anusha Thotakura $22,765.59
7 5 Eva A. Villalobos; Jesus Ayala Jr.; Raquel Don; Yesenia Lopez; Felipe "Phil" Luna Jr. $14.75
8 2 Angel Gutierrez; Felix Ponce $10,000.00
9 5 Brittany Bailey Preston; Therese Boyle; Miquel Lewis; Lanetta Thomas; La'Mont Raymond Williams $0.00
10 6 Rosita Chatonda; Robert Jones; Karin Norington-Reaves; Adam Parrott-Sheffer; Che Smith; Nathaniel "Nate" Ward $105,216.73
This candidate list is updated regularly, and is based off of public statements and filings with the State Board of Elections. If you believe there is a candidate that should be added or removed, please contact us at outreach@reformforillinois.org.