Contested Municipal Races Updated Daily

Municipality Office $ in Race Candidates
City of Aurora Mayor $129,034.19 Rick Guzman (Non-Partisan) Richard Irvin (Non-Partisan)    
City of Waukegan Mayor $26,046.52 Sam Cunningham (D) Lisa May (Independent)    
Village of Barrington Village President $19,143.21 Karen Darch (Non-Partisan) *INCUMBENT Mike Kozel (Non-Partisan)    
Village of Dolton Mayor $14,428.03 Riley Rogers (D) *INCUMBENT Stanley Brown (D)    
Village of Oak Lawn Mayor $10,565.96 Sandra Bury (Independent) *INCUMBENT Robert Streit (Independent)    
Village of Lisle Mayor $8,069.78 Joe/Joseph Broda (Independent) *INCUMBENT Christopher Pecak (Prosperty for Lisle)    
Village of Roselle Mayor $7,221.26 Wayne Domke (Independent) Andy Maglio (Independent)    
City of Des Plaines Mayor $5,090.73 Matt Bogusz (Non-Partisan) *INCUMBENT Malcolm Chester (Non-Partisan)    
Village of Bensenville Village President $1,553.35 Henry Wesseler (Non-Partisan) * Frank DeSimone (Non-Partisan)    
City of Urbana Mayor $1,026.15 Diane Marlin (D) Rex Bradfield (R)    
City of Alton Mayor $603.39 Brant Walker (Non-Partisan) *INCUMBENT Joshua Young (Write-In as Democrat) Scott Dixon (Non-Partisan) Dan Rauschkolb (Non-Partisan)
Village of Wheeling Village President $489.83 Dean Argiris (Independent) *INCUMBENT Michael Kurgan (Independent) Pat Horcher (Independent)  
City of Evanston Mayor $429.44 Steve Hagerty (Non-Partisan) Mark Tendam (Non-Partisan)    
City of Park Ridge Mayor $100.00 Martin Maloney (Non-Partisan) *INCUMBENT Lukas Fuksa (Non-Partisan)    
City of Rolling Meadows Mayor $0.00 Mike Cannon (Independent ) Len Prejna (Independent) Dave Whitney (Independent)