2018 Cook County Races

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Cook County Board of Commissioners Races

Click on a row to see detailed information. (i) indicates an incumbent candidate.

District Total Candidates Candidates Total Funds in Race
1st District 1 Brandon Johnson $1,568,173.21
2nd District 1 Dennis Deer (i) $351,906.13
3rd District 2 George Blakemore; Bill Lowry $724,284.86
4th District 1 Stanley Moore (i) $517,268.61
5th District 1 Deborah Sims (i) $345,722.38
6th District 1 Donna Miller $722,735.11
7th District 1 Alma Anaya $1,023,435.84
8th District 2 Luis Arroyo Jr. (i); Walter Zarnecki $221,497.03
9th District 2 Peter Silvestri (i); Frank McPartlin $408,498.58
10th District 1 Bridget Gainer (i) $1,174,315.90
11th District 2 John Daley (i); Carl Segvich $130,401.59
12th District 1 Bridget Degnen $1,188,597.11
13th District 2 Larry Suffredin (i); Chris Hanusiak $131,158.16
14th District 2 Gregg Goslin (i); Scott Britton $730,818.77
15th District 2 Timothy Schneider (i); Kevin Morrison $1,335,046.84
16th District 1 Jeffrey Tobolski (i) $1,060,694.88
17th District 2 Sean Morrison (i); Abdelnasser Rashid $1,407,906.51
This candidate list is updated regularly, and is based off of public statements and filings with the State Board of Elections. If you believe there is a candidate that should be added or removed, please contact us at outreach@reformforillinois.org.