Manufacturers PAC (MPAC) Political Action Committee

Committee purpose: Promote a healthy econ climate in St of Il & raise funds for this purpose, & from such funds to make those pol candidates without regard to party affil. who have demonst interest & underst. of manuf ind & support of priv enter system


Sep 30, 2018 quarterly report Amount
Funds available $34,888.75
Contributions since Sep 30, 2018 $2,500.00
Cash on Hand* $37,388.75

Investments $0.00
Debts and obligations $0.00

Net funds over time

Donations & Expenditures

Officer Title
Boro Reljic Chairman
Mark Denzler Treasurer
Mark Denzler Chairperson
Address 220 E Adams St
Springfield, IL 62701-1123
Founded Jan 07, 1976