Citizens for Leitch (David) Candidate Committee

Committee purpose: To support the candidacy of David R Leitch for Representative in the General Assembly of the State of IL and any other office.

Related committees

Name Committee type Funds controlled Reason for relation
House Republican Leadership Committee Political Party $49,806.55 Officer with same name as supported candidate


Jun 30, 2017 quarterly report Amount
Funds available $153,938.69
Contributions since Jun 30, 2017* $0.00
Total funds $153,938.69

Investments $0.00
Debts and obligations $0.00

Net funds over time

Donations & Expenditures

Officer Title
Rick Cloyd Chairman
Kenneth L Casper Treasurer
Daniel P Pelphrey Treasurer
Kenneth L Casper Chairperson
Address c/o Dan Pelphrey 1220 N. Flora Ave
Peoria, IL 60606
Founded Nov 09, 1987