Bradley A Stephens Committeeman Fund Candidate Committee

Committee purpose: To support candidates for local, state or national office.

Related committees

Name Committee type Funds controlled Reason for relation
Rosemont Voters League Political Party $74,945.41 Supported candidates in common
Leyden Township Regular Republican Organization Political Party $16,226.20 Officer with same name as supported candidate
Rosemont Voters League Political Party $74,945.41 Officers with the same name
Brad Stephens for Mayor Candidate $68,946.58 Supported candidates in common


Dec 31, 2017 quarterly report Amount
Funds available $4,351.39
Contributions since Dec 31, 2017 $0.00
Cash on Hand* $4,351.39

Investments $0.00
Debts and obligations $0.00

Net funds over time

Donations & Expenditures

Officer Title
Mark R Stephens Treasurer
Grant Bailey Chairman
Address 9921 Norwood St
Rosemont, IL 60018-4429
Founded Oct 31, 1991