11th Ward Democratic Party Campaign Committee Political Party Committee

Committee purpose: To support candidates of the Democratic Party and to support or oppose questions of public policy endorsed by it.

Related committees

Name Committee type Funds controlled Reason for relation
Committee to Elect John P Daley Candidate $11,540.67 Officers with the same name
Committee to Elect John P Daley Candidate $11,540.67 Supported candidates in common


Dec 31, 2016 quarterly report Amount
Funds available $81,394.45
Contributions since Dec 31, 2016* $19,100.00
Total funds $100,494.45

Investments $0.00
Debts and obligations $60,000.00

Net funds over time

Donations & Expenditures

Officer Title
Brian Lang Treasurer
Gail Heller Treasurer
Address 3659 S Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60609-1642
Founded Oct 01, 1974